The Importance of Ethical Diamonds

Posted on September 28, 2016

Spinelli Kilcollin only uses conflict free diamonds--which means that all of our diamonds are sourced according to strict sets of labor and environmental laws, and that none of our diamonds are blood diamonds--or diamonds that are mined from war zones. 
When diamond and jewelry companies are unconcerned with mining and trading ethics, they're often dependent on slavery, or, in less extreme situations, workers are treated unfairly, work extremely long hours for little compensation, and are exposed to conditions that threaten their safety.
The miners who attain every single diamond that Spinelli Kilcollin uses are compensated fairly and work under fair, supportive conditions. 
Child labor is never used; Each piece is traded fairly. 
Ethically minded mining companies must also take the environment into consideration and treat local ecosystems with respect and care.
When a diamond is ethically sourced, information on the conditions of the mine are available--which is important, as many companies claim to produce conflict free diamonds but do not.
The importance of conflict free trade has long been a point of discussion, and in 2003 the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme was established to ensure that conflict diamonds were not entering the mainstream markets.
Most of the pieces in our Stellar Collection feature these responsibly-mined gemstones! View the collection here.
We're so pleased to exclusively use diamonds that were sourced fairly and ethically in all of our jewelry!
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