The Perfect Proposal

The moments that will make up your proposal will be as sacred and individual as your relationship—and the person that you love—are. We’ve culled a list of prompt questions that can help you to think of a perfect way to ask for a hand in marriage.

Where were you when you first knew that the one was the one?

Does your soon to be fiance have an attachment to the place in which they were born?

Does your person favor the mornings, or nighttime?

Is the one you love happier when at home or when out of the house?

Does your other half prefer to be around their closest friends and family, or to be alone with you, or alone?

What is your idea of a perfect vacation? What is your partner’s idea of a perfect vacation? What is the perfect vacation you’d enjoy together?

What was the best day you’ve spent together, during which you each forgot about the rest of the world?

What was your first date together?

Is the person you love more Rose gold, Yellow gold, or White gold?  

Does your person dress in their own “uniform,” or spend time composing an outfit for each day?

When it comes to getting dressed, is the one you love a maximalist or a minimalist?

Is your person’s definition of “romance” traditional, or far from it?

Does the person that you love document important moments and trips, or focus on being in the moment?

When are the two of you happiest?

Would your person prefer a traditional white diamond, or a Galaxy Diamond?

Does your person like public displays of affection and love, or to keep things very secret?

Scavenger hunt?

What is your person’s favorite holiday?

Does your person like surprise parties?

Does your person like written letters, notes, and signs?

What are the most important things to the person that you love?

How would you want to be proposed to?


Ultimately remember that each proposal, like each ring will be unique and should speak to the story you've built together. 

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