Eight Great Art Exhibitions to See this Fall in Los Angeles!

Posted on September 09, 2016
September has arrived and the back-to-school-season brings an array of gallery and museum exhibitions in Los Angeles that are not to be missed! 
We've picked a few that are sure to be especially good.
Hanne Darboven at Sprüth Magers, opening September 8
Darboven was a German conceptual artist whose most celebrated works were large, minimalist, handwritten tables of numbers, intended to demonstrate the limits of representation. The exhibition will contain thousands of her individual framed works.
Andrea Büttner at David Kordansky Gallery, opening September 9
Andrea Büttner, also German, works with various mediums--video, woodcuts, reverse glass paintings, sculpture, and even performance--to create conversation surrounding historical, social, and ethical issues. 
Harold Ancart at David Kordansky Gallery, opening September 9 
Brussels-born and New York-based Harold Ancart's work deals with line drawing, exploration of space and environments, chance and repetition.
He works with paint, ink, charcoal powder, and fires (demonstrated in the marks left by flames). 


Antonio Ballester Moreno at Christopher Grimes Gallery, opening September 9

Antonio Ballester Moreno is considered to be one of the most prominent artists in the young art scene in Spain. His process-oriented paintings, collages and ceramics feature the repetition of handcrafted symbolic geometries (triangles that represent mountains, etc), demonstrated in symbolic, earthy colors (blue for for water; green to represent plants).  
Erika Vogt at Overduin and Co, opening September 10
Vogt's sculptures, drawings, videos, and photographs are defined as "heterogeneous constellations." Topically, Vogt explores ideas including feminism and queer theories, physical locations, and the empathetic relationships that occur between humans and physical objects. 
Edith Beaucage at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles, opening September 10
Los Angeles based Beaucage's work is colorful, flat, and full of literary references. this forthcoming show, titled Sequencer-Spectrum-Reverb is centered around a crew of American, British, and German electronic musicians, singers and producers, who are represented in portraits, landscapes, and abstractions. 
Toba Khedoori at LACMA, opening September 25
This show is survey of Khedoori’s work from the last 22 years--mostly oil paintings--that demonstrate  Khedoori’s attention to detail, surrealist wit, and appreciation of the magic of the everyday. Some of the paintings are literal representations of natural objects like trees, while others are more literal explorations of geometric patterns. 
Gardar Eide Einarsson at Team (Bungalow), opening October 30
Einarsson's installations, prints, paintings, sculptures, and drawings look at political subversion and subcultures, often by way of the appropriation and re-contextualization of political images from sources such as mail-order catalogues and police instructions manuals. 
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