Behind the Scenes Part II: Meet the SK Staff!

Posted on October 10, 2016

Spinelli Kilcollin is operated by a small and wondrous team of people--and we want to share with you a bit about them!

Lily Baxter is in charge of packing, shipping, and tracking packages to and from the SK headquarters--meaning, if you've purchased from us or have a custom piece, you wouldn't have it on your hand without Lily! She's also our Logistics Coordinator.

What are your three favorite LA activities?
Moonlight Roller Rink in Glendale. Every Thursday is 70’ night and knee pads are highly recommended!    
I also love the The Bunny Museum in Pasadena. This place is the most strange and special! It's full of all things--over 28,000--to be exact--bunny related. Candace and Steve are the proud owners and operators of this bizarre museum, which is also their home. Their pet rabbits live amongst the sea of memorabilia they've collected over the last few decades. It's open to the public on Easter and available by appointment during the rest of the year. It's worth the drive to Pasadena! Also, Elijah Wood did a TV ad (in three parts) for the Bunny Museum--really amazing Stuff. 
    And then a Tour de Thrift Shops! 
There are so many good thrift stores in LA but my most frequented spots for odd bargains are:
Sun Thrift Store 
St. Vincent De Paul 
Revival Furniture (BONUS: across the street from St. V’s!)
Goodwill (on San Fernando + Fletcher)
Name the song that'll make you drop it low, in the office, on a Wednesday
 I will always, without fail, drop it low on a Wednesday… The humming beat  of the office AC alone is enough. If I had to pick one song, though, it would be “Impatient” off Jeremih’s (brilliant) Late Nights album. 
Whats next on your Netflix queue?
I’m currently re-watching the Alias series. Sydney Bristows cunning, wit, athleticism and indomitable spirit are a true inspiration. Also, the wigs! 
What is your favorite LA hike?
Ernest E. Debs is a great spot for a misty morning jog or evening walk with friends. The most glorious little pond lies at the top of the hill and there is  amazing dog watching. 
Sophia Vockroth is our SK Production Coordinator.
How did you start working in the jewelry industry and more specifically, for the SK team?
I landed my first job in fine jewelry in New York City about 3 years ago, with a creative background but no previous jewelry experience, I immediately became fascinated by the whole jewelry making process. Many consumers aren't aware of all the intricate details that go into the design and production of fine jewelry. I learned so much about the industry during my time in New York, and as I continued to expand my knowledge and seek professional growth, I was offered this amazing opportunity to work for Spinelli Kilcollin. Within a few weeks, I made the move cross country to Los Angeles and I couldn’t be happier - I feel so lucky to be part of such an awesome team!
We know that you run around the jewelry district a lot for your job. What other outdoor activities do you enjoy doing during your free time? 
When I’m not running around the Los Angeles Jewelry District, you can find me jogging through my neighborhood in Silver Lake, or hiking Griffith Park and beautiful nature trails in Malibu.
Which iPhone app would you find it hard to function without? 
I’ve always been a bit directionally challenged, and especially being so new to LA, I probably couldn’t function without Google Maps. But I’m proud to say that after almost 6 months of living here, I’m slowly (but surely) learning my way around!
What is your favorite thing to do when seeking fashion inspiration? 
One of my favorite activities is going to the Melrose Trading Post on Sundays. I’m always blown away by all the different vendors selling all kinds of unique gems, which range from $5 vintage band tees to very high-end, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. It’s nearly impossible to leave empty handed or without a new addition to my wardrobe and the crowd is always very stylish. I often find myself wondering, “Is this a flea market or a fashion show?!” 
Favorite office snack?
 I’m a HUGE Trader Joe’s fan and have recently become addicted to Cookie Butter. You can usually always find me eating a banana (or three) with Cookie Butter at my desk every morning.
What is your favorite Spinelli Kilcollin piece?
I love so many SK pieces, but if I had to choose one, it would be the Venus BG because this ring has a great mix of metals and diamonds. I love black diamonds because they are dark and edgy but also have a beautiful sparkle, and set in rose gold is such a unique combination!
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