The SK Guide to Paris

Posted on February 23, 2018
 P A R I S  I N  T H E  S P R I N G


Headed to Paris for Paris Fashion Week or, well—ever, for any reason? Here, our recommendations for where to shop, sightsee, eat, drink, and, yes, buy records. Bon Voyage! 



  Takara Sushi
Restaurant Indochine
Entre Deux Rives bistro
Chez Omar
Chez Robert et Louise
Marche des Enfants Rouge
Hotel Amour
Caviar Kaspia


Takara Sushi is one of the oldest Japanese restaurants in Paris. We love it here. 


Kunitoraya is amazing, we always come here for Japanese lunch in the 1st. Be sure that you make a reservation!


Restaurant Indochine has great Vietnamese food in the 1st.


Le Petit Vendome is great little spot next to Place Vendome. They have amazing charcuterie and sandwiches for lunch, too. 


Entre Deux Rives bistro is perfect for Vietnamese lunch in the 2nd. 


Diep serves Chinese food. Very good. 


Chez Omar is always a favorite in the 3rd. 


Chez Robert et Louise has amazing steak in the 3rd. 


Marche des Enfants Rouge is an incredible little food court in the 3rd for lunch. 


Hotel Amour is so fun for people-watching. 


Caviar Kaspia...Believe the hype. I love this place. 




The Jacquemart André Museum


Palais de Tokyo
The Louis Vuitton Exhibition

 The Jacquemart André Museum

Palais de Tokyo


The Louis Vuitton Exhibition




La Tuile à Loup
Dries Van Noten


La Tuile à Loup is an an incredible shop carrying hand-made dishes
Dries Van Noten in St. Germain is such a beautiful store 


City-Pharma in St. Germain is an incredible store to stock up on beauty and skin care


D R I N K 


Bar Hemingway
Hotel Crillon
Café des Flore
Brasserie Lipp
Bar Hemingway is my favorite. In the Ritz. 


Hotel Crillon is amazing, I’m so happy that they reopened. 


Café des Floreis a classic. Always great people-watching. 


Brasserie Lipp is a classic. Hemingway drank here…Of course. 


B U Y  R E C O R D S



Superfly is an incredible shop in the 3rd specializing in jazz, R&B, and lots of rarities. They have amazing reissues, as well. The owner is amazing. 

Crocodisc is a great shop with a large selection of used grooves. There are three of them all next to each other: one for R&B / Reggae / international music, one for jazz, and one for everything else. 
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