Labels and Makers We Love: Grace Fuller of CINQUE

Posted on February 07, 2018

N *  C I N Q U E 

Grace Fuller, image courtesy Atelier Doré

Grace Fuller is a force. She serves as the jewelry editor for W Magazine and recently founded her own wearable luxury line. She's, in and for lack of a less pun-y word, graceful. She's also consistently dressed beautifully—covered in jewelry, including the SK Capricorn ring, and robed in beautiful clothing.

Suffice to say, we were thrilled to hear that she recently released a line of luxury robes—and even more thrilled to hear that these robes, which are of materials including silk and detachable mink fur, are intended to be worn outside of the house. 

You may recognize the robe from our It's Stay-In Season: Five Luxurious Nighttime Rituals to Center your Mind and your Family feature. Enter the CINQUE World here, and read our interview with Grace below.

SK: How did you transition into designing your own line?

GF: I packed terribly for a work trip to Paris—it inspired me to find something transitional for my closet while traveling.

SK: That's so funny and makes it so relatable. Amazing robes! So special—why did you decide to focus on robes?

GF: Thank you! I like to think of them more as a robe coat—the coat element authorizes more of a range of underpinnings, especially when it covers your body in entirety. 

SK: Your background is in jewelry—why are you drawn to it, and what do you most love about jewelry?

GF: I love the personality of jewelry. It's also not something you just pass on from season to season, it's something [that] you collect or inherent and (hopefully) stays with you through life.

SK: Agreed. It's so personal. What jewelry do you wear on a daily basis?

GF: A couple of gold necklaces and gold rings.

SK: How to you incorporate those pieces, and your other jewelry, into your routine?

GF: I like to keep those layers as a base, and add to it from there when I have the creativity to in the morning or before going out.

SK: What, to you, is a perfect day off?

GF: A day traveling and exploring somewhere warm and colorful with my fiancé and a small group of friends. We would swim in the ocean, drink lots of cocktails, and dance all night.

SK: That sounds pretty perfect and congratulations on your engagement! What is your astrological sign and do you identify with the traits associated with the sign?

GF: Capricorn. Definitely, I am stubborn as a mule.

SK: Five favorite objects that you own?

GF: My Midnight CINQUE robe, a pendant necklace my grandma handed down, a picture of me and my sister, my growing textile collection, and my engagement ring that my husband-to-be, best friend, and I designed all together. 

SK: Do you have a favorite artist or artwork?

GF: Constantin Brancusi and Sandro Botticelli 

SK: What, to you, is the most important thing(s) in the world?

GF: Respect: it's the beginning and ending of everything worthwhile.

SK: Favorite SK piece?

GF: My Capricorn ring!!! 

Grace wearing her SK Capricorn and custom engagement ring

Shop the CINQUE World collection here! Follow the CINQUE Instagram here. Convinced of her taste? We don't blame you—shop the Capricorn ring here.


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