SK Conversations: On Motherhood

Posted on May 04, 2018
W O R D S  T O  T H E  W I S E 


 Dwyer and Wendy Kilcollin

As you may have heard, Spinelli and Kilcollin are having a baby this spring! With Mother's Day soon approaching, SK founder and creative director Dwyer Kilcollin talks to her mom, Wendy Kilcollin, about motherhood, her hopes and fears, and how to prepare for the big transition. From one mother to the next—enjoy!


Dwyer Kilcollin: What was the most unexpected thing that you found out about becoming a mom?

Wendy Kilcollin: That your child has a mind of its OWN!  

DK: HAHAHAHAHAH!! You were surprised to find that you couldn’t influence my personality more? Tell me more, please!

WK: No, I was surprised that you had a mind of your own when MINE was so goooood.  

DK: This interview is too good, I can barely contain myself!  

DK: Ok, next question—I’ve always promised to myself that I wouldn’t become a mom who worries too much (intervenes on the playground, discourages adventurous behavior, etc…)  But ever since I found out that I was pregnant, I’ve been trying to suppress the urge to worry, but there’s just so much to worry about! Is this permanent? Will it stop?!

WK: I wasn’t much of a worrier until the TEEN YEARS… Oh my god. Mmmm, good luck 

DK: Yes.. I remember those years of course… 

SK father Rick Kilcollin joins the conversation… 

Rick Kilcollin: I think that once the baby is born you will get to know him/her, and you’ll figure out when you need to be vigilant. The babies are pretty resilient.

DK: Was that a dad response? This was meant to be a mother and daughter interview for Mother’s Day.

RK: Well by god I was included.

RK leaves the conversation, mother daughter interview resumes…

WK: Actually, unlike of all my friends and acquaintances, I was very practical and confident about baby raising!

DK: What’s the secret? How did you gain so much confidence and break away from the fears of the mom’s around you?

WK: I just was [confident]. Nothing more to it.

DK: Right. Because your mind is so good. Noted! 

DK: What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

WK: Watching you develop into such a fun and unique being…With a mind of your own. Gifted too.

DK: Becoming a “mom” notoriously has a bad connotation with a loss of self—as though motherhood is some kind of black box: intelligent, creative, individuals enter, and uniform, culturally irrelevant, caretakers come out. Anyone who knows you knows that this idea obviously doesn’t apply to you what-so-ever. Could you comment?

WK: That sounds like the way that I viewed people who moved to the suburbs. (Sorry friends. Naturally this does NOT apply to you.) Well, I do remember getting a diaper bag that did NOT look like a diaper bag. It was very cool looking beach bag but it was narrow and TOP-loaded. Dumb. Now you’re gonna say THAT was random!  But it was my way of saying ‘I didn’t want to carry a silly diaper bag!’

DK: Oh, but did you see my top loading fashion diaper bag? The new tote from Telfar.

WK: Mine was a tall tube with a drawstring at top. Yours looks nice.

DK: Oh yours sounds super au courrant now with the cylindrical bag trend…

DK: DK What about “mom fashion”—is that a real thing?

WK: 🤷‍♀️ we didn’t have this lingo. At any rate I didn’t. I guess that I didn’t want to do the expected or prosaic. As my Mom sang, anytime she spoke of me, “I did it MYYYYY way!” (Sinatra, for those too young to know.)


DK: Have you seen this article on how Motherhood is a “dumb job”? (Dumb in this context doubles as being both anti-intellectual but also thankless:)

WK: I saw that. I did not send it to you. It’s fun. Look what you get!!!! Dwyer Browne Kilcollin!!!!

DK: Hmmmm


DK: Hmmmm

Happy Mother’s Day from SK, and congratulations to Yves and Dwyer! We’re so excited to meet the newest member of the SK family.

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