Linking Together: Waves for Water

Posted on September 27, 2017


Waves for Water is an organization that aims to provide access to clean water to people all over the world. So far the initiative has supplied over seven million people in twenty-seven countries with access to fresh supplies of potable water. Their philosophy is rooted in "doing what you love and helping along the way."


As we know, clean water is essential: it improves health and sustains life, reduces poverty, provides opportunities for education and employment, and allows for people to thrive. 

Waves for Water distributes portable filters, digs and renovates wells, filters rain water, and makes storage basins for places that would otherwise not be able to keep water longterm. 

Waves for Water has also established a courier system which allows for philanthropic individuals to carry water filters with them as they travel and disperse them amongst communities in need. 

Clean water remains the main focus of Waves for Water, but the organization also provides assistance to communities in need after they're hit with natural disasters: in the last four years, Waves for Waters has responded to nearly every global disaster that has occurred. 

Waves For Water partners with other organizations, corporations, and individuals to implement their water distributing and filtering systems, thus allowing people all over the world to become leaders—and save lives.

Spinelli Kilcollin is drawn to Waves of Water for their simple but essential mission: to work during times of natural disaster and always to supply communities with a the life force of clean water and sustainable water resources, and for supplying communities with educational and work opportunities in doing so.

20% of every dollar spent at from now through the end of 2017 will go towards the Waves for Water and the three other organizations that we've selected. When you link with us via our online store for the next three months, you're giving back.

Click here to donate directly to or offer to volunteer for Waves for Water.

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