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Posted on September 27, 2017
L I N K I N G  T O G E T H E R



Beginning now and running through the end of 2017, Spinelli Kilcollin is honored to be donating 20% of our online proceeds, divided evenly, to four charities that we especially admire at this time. 

For the next few months, when you purchase gifts for yourself or those who you love from our online store, you are linking together with us to support these foundations who are connecting communities around the world to provide them with safety, comfort, necessities, healthcare, and aid. It's safe to say that the jewelry you'll receive will have a special shine to it. 

The most precious gifts are those given, and the charities that we've selected are true stars. Each keeps its intentions set on providing aid during times of natural disasters, and providing for people and animals whose lives are disturbed by that which they cannot control. 

In the season of giving (though they should all be seasons of giving) we're thrilled to be able to offer to those who recently faced unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances: a way of giving thanks to those who share our galaxy.

The Maria Fund is providing immediate relief, recovery, and rebuilding in Puerto Rico for the communities hit hardest by the Hurricane Maria. 

The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund is allowing those in Houston who are affected by Hurricane Harvey to rebuild their lives by providing shelter, food and supplies, healthcare, and transportation.

Topos aids people and pets with care during and after the onslaught of natural disasters. 

Waves for Water provides people with clean, safe, potable water. 

For further information on each of these, please visit our parallel journal posts. Each details what the organizations do, and why Spinelli Kilcollin was especially drawn to their efforts. Click here to read about the Maria Fund, here to read about the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, here to read about Topos, and here to read about Waves for Water. 

H A P P Y  S E A S O N  O F  G I V I N G 


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