Linking Together: Topos

Posted on September 27, 2017


Topos helps individuals and their pets during times of natural disasters, which can range from hurricanes to forest fires.

The all-volunteer organization has a simple, but important goal: to help anyone who is put in a vulnerable position by unforeseen circumstances. 

The organization was founded in response to the 1985 earthquake in Mexico City that killed an estimated nine thousand, five hundred people. Most of the members of Topos are trained in first aid, climbing buildings, and rescuing pets—but all of the members come from different backgrounds: lawyers, musicians, doctors, vets, architects, engineers, and people of a range of other professions volunteer to help save people.

The immediate response group provides social assistance to charitable local activities, and ensures that immediate attention is given to people in need. 

Most recently, Topos rushed to the aid of those affected by the earthquake in Mexico. At least two hundred and eighty people were killed, and numerous buildings in Mexico City crumbled.

We are drawn to support Topos for many reasons, among them the fact that they're an entirely volunteer organization, and their attention to rescuing pets.

20% of every dollar spent at from now through the end of 2017 will go towards Topos and the three other organizations that we've selected. When you link with us via our online store for the next three months, you're giving back.

Click here to donate directly to Topos.

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