Linking Together: the Hurricane Maria Community Relief & Recovery Fund

Posted on September 27, 2017

P U E R T O  R I C O

The Maria Fund is directed towards providing hurricane relief assistance to those in Puerto Rico, and especially to low-income and minority groups.

Some of the most vulnerable communities of Puerto Rico are those who were hit hardest by Hurricane Maria—and recovering from the hurricane will take them a long time. 

Numerous low-income communities had to face the worst of the storms effects. After they, their loved ones, their properties, and their vehicles were hit by the hurricane, they didn't (and don't) necessarily have the resources needed to repair the damage. To make matters worse, it's these communities that are often forgotten during reconstruction efforts and ignored or paid less attention to by insurance companies. 

Housed at the Center for Popular Democracy and governed by organizations including Taller Salud, the G8 of Caño Martín Peña, and other local, grassroots organizations, the Maria Fund is providing them with assistance. 

Every dollar donated and raised will go directly towards their efforts.

Spinelli Kilcollin is drawn to the Maria Fund because it focuses on lower-income and minority populations who are often ignored by insurance companies and relief groups.

20% of every dollar spent at from now through the end of 2017 will go towards the Maria Fund and the three other organizations that we've selected. When you link with us via our online store for the next three months, you're giving back. It's safe to say that the jewelry you receive may have a special sparkle to it.

Click here to donate directly to the Maria Fund

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