A Singular Holiday Gift Option

Posted on December 11, 2016

Happy Holidays from SK!

Do those nearest and dearest to you already wear linked Spinelli Kilcollin rings? 

SK's Axis Collection is comprised of individual, single rings that serve as perfect additions to pre-existing SK collections. 

Each Sirius Band is a perfect year-round gift that can be worn alone, but is especially exceptional when worn with already-treasured SK rings. 

The Sirius rings are available in 18k yellow and rose gold and sterling silver, with annulets pavéd with various combinations of diamonds and stones.

The most ornamental single band is the Sirius Royal-- a single band of 18k yellow gold with seven annulets of 18k gold, each of which is set with a row of micro pavé full cut rubies, emeralds, and pink, blue, gold, and lilac sapphires. 

Create your own Sirius Band here, or purchase a gift card here and let your loved ones do the choosing! 


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