Black Gold

Yves Spinelli and Dwyer Kilcollin pose with their long time lead Jeweler, Rogelio Ortega [center] and metalsmith Elias Ruiz [left] in Elias' shop where black gold was concocted.


Los Angeles based jewelry brand, Spinelli Kilcollin has spent the last 18 months working with the expert metallurgists responsible for the various 18 karat metal tones that make up the core of our designs. After an extensive period of development, Spinelli Kilcollin is proud to announce the addition of a new hue to their family of colored metals: Black Gold is joining the galaxy rings. 

Spinelli Kilcollin has concocted a warm, dark and alluring new metal. The alloys used in it’s formulation result in black gold being a darker, weightier, and more scratch resistant 18 karat material. Black gold is exclusive to Spinelli Kilcollin.

The production and alloy costs involved in producing this unique formula, adds to the high value of this new 18 karat hue. Spinelli Kilcollin plans to re-explore the origins of our core designs and perspectives through this new darker dimension, Black Gold.


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