Avarice FAQ

A Ring in Avarice FAQs:
You’ve spotted a ring in your candle? Congratulations!! We’d love to share in your discovery! Hashtag#AvaricebySK, and give us a call!!
How do I retrieve my ring from the wax?
The best method for retrieving your new treasure is, actually, to let the candle burn, all the way down to the bottom. Digging in the wax can disrupt the burn of your candle, and allowing the wax to burn down all the way down leaves you with a clean, wax-free ring! Anticipation makes the heart grow fonder.
Once your candle burns down, allow it to cool for at least 20 minutes.
You’re then free to pluck your ring out! Wash you ring with soap and warm water.  Please plug the drain first, in case it slips from your hand. 
Dry off with a regular hand towel. It's yours! And ready to wear!!
What if the ring I received doesn’t fit me?
Contact us. We're happy to exchange your ring for the right size, free of charge! 
dear@spinellikilcolllin / 213.341.8244
What is my ring made out of? Is it costume jewelry?
Your ring is a genuine Spinelli Kilcollin ring. All of our rings are made with solid 18k gold and sterling silver. We would have it no other way!
Will the flame hurt the ring?
 No—Spinelli Kilcollin rings are impervious to the tiny flame of a candle.
Further questions? 
dear@spinellikilcolllin / 213.341.8244

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