The SK Guide to Taking Care of your Jewelry

Posted on January 10, 2018
S T A Y  M I N E



 As with all of the things that you love and cherish, your jewelry must be cared for. How, you ask? Here, the tried and true methods for keeping your treasures as pristine as they were the day that you first met.


The most simple methods of cleaning jewelry are also the most effective. Most colored stones and metal pieces can be cleaned, very simply, with warm water (we like using filtered water because why not?), mild dish soap, and a soft brush. Gently polish the surface, and be sure to rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft hand towel before applying. Voila!

Pearls are delicate and scratch easily, so be sure to only ever wash them with warm water and a soft polishing cloth or clean makeup brush.

Cleaning your gold and silver jewelry? Mix a small amount of a mild dish detergent with warm water in a bowl, place the jewelry into the bowl, and allow it sit for a few minutes. Using a very soft toothbrush, carefully scrub the surface, rinse again, and dry with a soft polishing cloth. For the days in between cleanings, use a polishing cloth, dry, on the jewelry to shine and remove tarnish from the surface.

Diamond jewelry should be cleaned in a similar manner—soft cloths, warm water, you get the picture. If your diamonds are really in need of some TLC, take the pieces into a reputable jeweler, and have them wash the piece in an ultrasonic cleanser. You can always, of course, also send your SK jewelry to us and we’ll have it polished.


As with skin, light and heat can affect the durability and color of colored gemstones, and heat can easily remove their natural moisture—so when your day plans involve doing nothing, poolside, re-think wearing your colored stones. This is especially true of soft stones like opals, which are incredibly susceptible to heat, sun, and chemicals.

Metal is fine in heat and sun, but it can have strange reactions to chemicals: even substances like chlorine, lotion, and synthetic perfumes can seep into the flawless pores of certain gemstones, like pearls—so when dealing with such potions, be mindful! After applying hand cream, wait a few minutes to get jewelry-dressed.

T R E A S U R E  B O X E S

Should there come a day when you’re not wearing your SK jewelry, it’s important to store it properly. Our packaging is excellent (and safe) for storing and traveling with your pieces. Each piece that you own should be stored in a soft pouch or box, then placed in a jewelry box for safe keeping. Jewelry boxes and display pads that have individual slots for rings, bracelets, and earrings are also ideal, and necklaces can be hung so long as they’re not touching other necklaces or rough surfaces, which can lead to scratching.

J E T S E T  J E W E L S

Always bring your jewelry with you as a carry-on (or wear it) to ensure that should your bag get lost, your jewelry does not. As with storage, each piece should be carefully protected (via pouch, box, silk or velvet lining, etc) from the other pieces, and then placed in a jewelry case. If you travel frequently, invest in a travel jewelry box or jewelry roll, which will allow you to do so with ease. Smythson has some excellent options for both travel and home.

And there you have it! Yours, and yours for life.

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