The SK Guide to Mother's Day

Posted on May 08, 2017

H A P P Y  M O T H E R' S  D A Y  F R O M  S P I N E L L I  K I C O L L I N!

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Here are a few of our favorite (and own) mothers—alongside our SK picks for these incredible people!

Yves: “My mom never wore fine jewelry when I was growing up. She had her wedding ring and some other vintage pieces that were given to her and she kept stored  in a small bag. Several years ago she made them into three simple bands which more suited her minimal style. Our new Junia ring has instantly become my new favorite, and I know that my mother would love the clean settings and mix of bands.”

Dwyer: A custom version of the Atlas Blue!


Jason: "My mom is the kind of woman who only wears jewelry on the most special of occasions, but, since retiring in December of last year, almost every occasion has become special. The Argo SP earrings are the kind of low-key, elegant hoops to which she is helplessly drawn."

Marisa: "My mom always wore the most beautiful jewelry, and she wasn’t afraid to mix metals, or wear her chunky vintage pieces next to her delicate fine jewelry.  Her style was effortless and bold, just like she was! I’m positive that she would have loved the Cassues SG hoops. A favorite of mine as well!"

Gabriella: "Classic yet elegant, my pick is the Venus Blanc. Although a country girl at heart, my mother can’t help but love a beautiful diamond ring!"

Daniela: "Embodying timeless glamour, and effortless style. my pick is the Polaris YG. Classic yet inspirational."

Sophia: "My mom never wore much jewelry when I was growing up because she lived very simply, but I know that she has lovely taste. She is the strongest woman I know and always put her babies’ needs first, even before her own. My Mother’s Day pick for her is the Plexusbecause it has a great mix of different color diamonds and metals, and I want to spoil her with things she’s never had before!" 

Lily: "The Janus Silver is my mothers day pick. Unique, everyday pieces have always been a staple of my mothers eclectic assortment of jewelry. These beauties would fit right in.” 

Floriana"The Venus Rose is the perfect SK piece for my mom. She is strong, striking & bold….just like this beautiful ring! When I was little I used to sneak into her jewelry box to play dress up & adorn myself with her epic layers of gold & diamonds."

Alexandra: "My mom loves jewelry—she wears a lot of it, and she'll wear diamonds on a morning walk, which I find to be very inspiring. She has two kids, so I would design a customsingle-band ring with two secret rubies on the inside—she could layer it with her other pieces and always be reminded of the fact that we love her"


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