SK X Ron Herman Tokyo City Guide P. II

Posted on June 13, 2017


In Part I of the Spinelli Kilcollin Tokyo City Guide, we shared a few of our favorite places in Tokyo to E A T, beautiful things to S E E, and, of course, where to shop for R E C O R D S. 


Welcome to part II of our Tokyo City Guide: D R I N K and S H O P.


For part II, we once again worked with our friend Akane, a buyer at Ron Herman Tokyo, to make a list of the some of our favorite places. 


楽しんで (enjoy)!
D R I N K 


Akane's pick: I like to go to the bar at IMPERIAL HOTEL where Frank Lloyd Wright did the architecture. It looks so authentic and classic.
Akane's PickI also like to go to bar at WESTIN HOTEL. They have beautiful garden and you can see the firefly in summer.
The hotel roof bars are always nice to visit. Of course you can relive Lost In Translation  by going to the PARK HYATT,  but there are also some beautiful bars in the... 
SHIBUYA STATION AREA: There are 2-3 small streets right off of the Shibuya station that are full of little bars barely the size of a bedroom. Each can hold about 10 people maximum. They are some of the oldest establishments in Tokyo, held-over from the war, and they are kind of controversial because as a result. Just wander and choose one. 
GRANDFATHER’S BAR: There are several bars in Tokyo that spin vinyl. This Shibuya bar is very cool.
FOUR SEASONS BAR, GINZA: While wandering the side streets of Ginza on our first trip, we saw a funny sandwich board with a sketch of Winston Churchill advertising the Four Seasons Bar. We ascended four floors to discover an old-world bar out of the forties, as well as a bartender who holds a standing award for best fruit cutter in Tokyo. Hand-cut ice, amazing whiskey selection, and impeccable service. 
T R A C K: Great whiskey bar. 
LION: A classical music cafe that spins vinyl. 
JBS: A jazz / blues cafe that also spins vinyl!!
KOFFEE MAMEYA: This is a wonderful little artisanal coffee bar in Harajuku. They roast on the premises and serve incredible varietals. It was literally downstairs from our apartment, so we visited frequently. 
DOUBLE TALL: This is a little coffee stand outside of the Tomorrowland in Shibuya. I usually stop here for ice coffee before wandering the record stores. 


S H O P 


A note from Yves: "There is so much great shopping in Tokyo. This is hardly a comprehensive list, but these are some of my favorite areas to walk. And don’t forget that if you’re shopping for Japanese designers, you’re paying about 30% - 40% less!"


Editors Note: Spinelli Kilcollin jewelry is sold at Barneys Japan, Ron Herman Japan, and Dover Street Market!
(In OMOTESSANDO / HARAJUKU / AOYAMA, we recommend...)
PRADA. The Prada store is iconic.
There’s also a great COMME DES GARÇONS shop next door.
Walk up the big street toward Meiji temple and you’ll see all of the designer flagship stores. SACAI, UNDERCOVER, RICK OWENS, KITSUNE, etc… they all have stores in this area.
The THOM BROWNE store is cool. 
Walk up toward Meiji Shrine and as you peel off to the left, after the Apple Store you’ll find a run of vintage stores and small shops. Head across the other way toward Shibuya and you’ll start to find more amazing little shops. Takeshita is the main street. 
SUPER A MARKET and ARTS AND SCIENCES are great stores in this area. 
HIGASHIYA sells amazing little cakes. You literally walk up to the window and order. 
(In GINZA, we recommend...)
DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA: This is my favorite Dover Street store - seven floors! Go to Rose Bakery at the top for a coffee or high tea. 
GINZA SIX SHOPPING CENTER: Almost across the street from Dover Street, this is an incredible new shopping complex filled with designer flagships. There’s a beautiful TSUTAYA book store at the very top that you could literally spend half a day browsing. 
GUCCI GINZA: Seven floors with a Gucci cafe.
ISETAN (SHINJUKU): One of the oldest and biggest department stores in the world. The basement is full of great food, by the way!!
RON HERMAN SENDAGAYA / ROPPONGI: The California experience arrives in Tokyo!! We’re carried in both of these stores and they are always fun to visit. The Sendagaya location has a great cafe for lunch. 
BARNEYS ROPPONGI: This is a brand new Barneys, and it’s beautiful. 
The malls in Roppongi are very nicely curated with great shops and restaurants. Not like US malls. 
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