Joie de Vivre: Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler at Home

Posted on May 26, 2018
D E S I G N A T E D  D E S I G N S  


Creative Ambassador-at-Large Simon Doonan and interior designer (known for his colorful, playful home accents), potter, and author Jonathan Adler have made their beds. Their homes in New York and Shelter Island serve as galleries of their individualistic, high-spirited eyes.

Weekends are spent on Shelter Island, near the Hamptons, in a spacious, modernistic home that blends several streams of design and concept. 

A nod to The Rolling Stones and inspired by their time in Japan, the couple decided to 'paint it black,' and designed a charcoal-toned, wildly modern structure replete with an infinity pool, outdoor lounge areas, a Japanese-inspired rock garden, walls of windows, and spacious rooms. 



When it comes to decorating, there are self-set rules among the pair—"colors can't clash," and "a house should always have a sense of fun," among them.



Adler describes his decorating style to be, appropriately, "maximalist." 



Doonan and Adler are both inspired by Case Study houses, Scandinavian country homes, and natural materials—and so is their architect. The summer home blends these three schemes of design to form something entirely unique—and it works.



"The final touches come from [a place] especially close to our hearts," Simon notes. There are heirlooms, antiques, pieces from Jonathan's collection of home goods, and their collected works of art on display, offset by printed and textured fabrics.



Doonan lovingly and humbly admits that most of the decisions regarding decorating were left to Jonathan.



Adler refers to the city apartment a 'creative laboratory' for the home accessories that he designs.



The city apartment is in a grand, turn-of-the-century building. They painted the walls white to add freshness and to contrast their wildly colorful belongings and touches.




I make many thousands of products, and not only do I enjoy bringing them into my house, I just feel it's my responsibility to road test them," Jonathan notes.



Adoration, exceptionally charming visual stimuli, and the joy of home, X2—joy de vivre, indeed! 


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