SK in Conversation: Lori Hirshleifer

Posted on April 09, 2018

G A L O R E , G A L O R E

Who, you may've long wondered, is the exquisite eye behind the store Hirshleifers? Meet Lori Hirshleifer. Lori discovered us through Instagram, long before there was any press coverage of SK. And the chain goes on—16.7 thousand people follow Lori on Instagram, and the tastemaker has been told that many of them have never set foot in her store—they simply (and very understandably) love her eye. We especially love and admire the way that Lori wears her jewelry. 

Learn about her creative process, love of Snoopy, thoughts on wearing and layering jewelry, and more in our interview with the retail visionary!

SK: How did Hirshleifers come about? Was your background in retail?

LH: My family has been in retail for over one hundred years—I’m in the fourth generation of five generations. We started as a furrier in Brooklyn in 1910, and over this last millennium have transformed into what we are today—one of the foremost destinations in the world for fashion.

SK: What do you strive for when curating your collection?

LH: More is more!  

SK: Where is your favorite city in the world to travel to, and where within the city are your favorite places?

LH: Hemingway Bar in Paris is one of my favorite spots in the world. The bartender, Collin, has been ranked as one of the best in the world. We buy most of our collections for the store in Paris and I love ending the day there. I also love Saint Barth’s, and my favorite restaurant is L’Isola—some of the best Italian I’ve had.

SK: What jewelry do you wear on a daily basis? How do you incorporate it into your routine?

LH: I’m a maximalist, so I wear as much as possible as often as possible, but I have specialty pieces that I like to incorporate into my routine that I don’t wear everyday. I choose them based on my mood or what I’m wearing. I might want to highlight a certain color in my outfit and have a piece I really love, or just pieces I find that I haven’t worn in a while. There’s not that much thought that goes into my jewelry routine—it's a muscle memory at this point!

SK: What, to you, constitutes a perfect day off?

LH: A day spent at my home with my two corgis, Jojo and Louie! Or in the sun with my family, either in Saint Barth’s or at our home in East Hampton.

SK: What is your astrological sign, and do you identify with the traits associated with the sign? 

LH: I’m a Capricorn. I definitely think I identify with the Capricorn zodiac: I work with my family and I think I’m very patient. I also love to stay busy. 

SK: Five favorite objects that you own? 


My Chanel fur throw 

I have a collection of Chrome Hearts Holiday gifts that I’m obsessed with—like a Chrome Hearts Potato Peeler, a Plunger, and a Mouse Trap. They’re epic. 

My jewelry collection over any clothes that I own. 

Our Supreme punching bag

Anything Snoopy! 

SK: Do you have a favorite artist or artwork?

LH: We have a Lichtenstein in our house that I love. It’s called ‘Red Lamps’

SK: What, to you, is (or are) the most important thing(s) in the world?

LH: Family and Dogs

SK: Favorite Spinelli Kilcollin piece?

LH: My rose gold Celeste ring from Yves. Obsessed!!

Lori's style cannot be replicated—of this we're certain. You can, however, purchase your own SK Capricorn here. Follow Lori here on Instagram, and follow Hirshleifers here.

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