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Posted on December 26, 2017

M U S T - R E A D S

We especially love the kind of links in—you know, SK linked rings and pieces like the Gravity Chain, but we have a few more recommendations as well. Whether you're collecting texts to read while on long plane rides, home for the holidays, use morning coffee-time as reading time, or need a brief break from work, here is a list of blogs and articles published in 2017 that stuck with the SK team. 

Black is the new black: Why is black food so strange and appealing? T Magazine investigates it, beautifully, here

City of Storied Angels: Los Angeles has a fascinating spacial and architectural history. Have you heard of the Research House? It's a fascinating Los Angeles home and monument—and it's on the market. Click here to read about the strange, occult history of the Bradbury Building. Be it a day during the month of October or any day of the year, taking a tour of LA's haunted hotspots is terrifying and unbeatable. This map plots out where to go, and outlines the ghost stories. 

Beauty and the Secret: Into the Gloss is a must-read for beauty product recommendations. Interesting people (musicians, artists, models, professionals, and so forth) are interviewed every week about their favorite products and beauty routines.

Seeing Double: This is a hysterical look at people who found their doppelgangers in historical works of art.

Do-Gooders: This is an analysis of Los Angeles County Criminalization Budget put together with Justice LA, a "partnership of organizations working with directly impacted communities fighting to realize the promise of diversion and re-entry through a justice reinvestment strategy for Los Angeles.” They're working against jail expansion in LA. This leads to their Take Action Page, where people can tell the LA county board of supervisors to invest in alternatives to incarceration—affordable housing, living wage jobs, and education—rather than pumping 3.5 billion dollars into new jails. 

Another's Thoughts: If you're looking for a new website to read about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and vegetarian recipes, click here

All in the Biz: Yves loved this article on, Tadashi Yanai, who inspires many of his own business principles.

Philosophy: He also loved this piece on Ronnie Feig and the interesting, intelligent way in which he is growing his line, Kith.

iMcurious: Wonder what would've happened if you'd invested in Apple a decade ago? Read about it here

Interior Realms: We love My Domaine for all things related to interiors, home, and more. We're especially interested in these topics as of late, with the release SK Scent No. 1, Avarice, and our scented candle of mineral and fig.

To the Moon: LA's Moonjuice recipes are beautiful—browse them here.

Forever Spinning: Record fanatic Yves reads The Vinyl Factory with frequency, and especially loved three of their posts in 2017: this piece on one of the world's rarest records going to auction, this article on the discovery of copies of one of Prince's rarest albums, and this, on an extremely rare and beautiful record player and it's availability. 

A Real Nutjob: If you're still in a record groove, read about this fanatic collector, who owns 800 copies of a single record! Can we do that, but with rings?

Feelin' Feline: If you're looking for a fun, easy activity to distract you for a few moments, head here

Floral Dystopia: A New York City artist combined fresh flowers and trash cans—read about it here

Literary Adornment: We assume that if you're reading this you have an interest in jewelry—so look at this complication of some really beautiful jewelry books to give to anyone (including yourself).

Mysterious and Rare: Heard of the Hope Diamond? We love the mystery surrounding it—read about it here

Destination Fantasies: Planning a trip? Look at these beyond insane hotels—and go!

Love to read, but looking for a podcast recommendation? Try these. 

Pardon my French by Atelier Doré

How I Built this by NPR

Serial, season one

S Town, from Serial and This American Life






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