Introducing the Sirius Band // A Trip to Dia: Beacon

Posted on August 05, 2016
We're thrilled to introduce you to the Axis Collection: our first full presentation of single-band rings.
The Sirius Band, available in 18K yellow gold, warm 18k rose gold, and sterling silver, with custom options available, is a delicate but prominent ring that can be worn alone or in a stack. 
Each Sirius is detailed with a unique arrangement of three golden mini-rings, some of which are accented with micro-pavé cognac, champagne, white, or black diamonds. 
View the Axis Collection here.
On a recent trip to Dia: Beacon, we experienced a recurring, similar repetition of
singular, circular forms. 
We highly recommend a trip to this incredible space, which is just over an hour away from New York City and is incredibly easy to get to by train! 
Located on the Hudson River in Upstate New York, in the grand, industrial former site of a Nabisco box printing factory, Dia: Beacon holds a vast collection of works--many of which are permanent--by artists including John Chamberlain, Richard Serra, Robert Irwin, and Carl Andre. If you've been to other Dia spaces, you know the drill--beautiful, spacious sites filled with extremely impactful, powerful, typically site specific works by their roster of incredible artists.
As with Dia's other sites, each gallery within the Dia: Beacon space was designed specifically for the work that it contains, so each piece is framed and complimented by the giant, industrial space. Many of the works at Dia: Beacon deal with concepts like endurance and permanence, so the intentionality of the intended viewing experience is palpable.
As you know, Spinelli Kilcollin jewelry is very much about the repetition of simple, minimalist forms--and many of the works at Dia: Beacon, such as Carl Andre's floor pieces, explore this same concept. Andre, and many of the other artists, emphasized the importance of repetition in both their artistic practices' and in their finished works--and at SK, we believe just as strongly in the power of repetition and recurring shape and theme.
Dia is an unsurpassed establishment and the Beacon space, if you haven't yet visited, contains a truly remarkable collection of works.  
Below are a few works that we especially loved. 
Yves and Dan Flavin
Michael Heizer
Richard Serra
Bruce Nauman
Michael Heizer
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