Meet Our Newest Constellation: Introducing the Ada Collection

Posted on March 25, 2018

 E T E R N A L  G E O M E T R I E S

There's a new constellation in the SK Galaxy! We're pleased to announce the arrival of our Ada Collection. The diamond stars, you'll soon learn, are from a different dimension than our traditional circle-cut diamonds.


With the Ada Collection, we're premiering baguette and Carré-cut diamonds, channel-set into 18k rose, yellow, and white gold. We've always admired these rectilinear-cut stones, and have been refining a method to incorporate them into our signature circular designs. 


Our newest collection is named for Ada Lovelace, an English Countess who used mathematics and geometry to translate the natural world for early machines.
Lovelace was the first to propose and subsequently publish an algorithm intended for a machine, and is thus considered the first computer programmer. Learn more about her and why we are so inspired by the work that she contributed to the world as we know it, here.



Just as Lovelace translated nature into a mechanical language, the Ada collection transforms organic fine materials into rationalized formal elements. As SK Scent No. 1, Avarice, is representative of a merging of earth and space, the inclusion of the baguette and Carré-cut diamonds represents a merging of nature and human innovation—embodied by fine, versatile, linked jewelry.


The individual pieces are named for historically significant mathematicians, inventors, and philosophers—those responsible for shifting and defining the universe that we live in.


As with always, each piece is made by hand—we are abetted by and lucky to work with the most skilled artisans, capable of elegantly introducing this new angular element. 
View the complete collection here! Who is Ada Lovelace? Read about our figure of inspiration here. What, exactly, are baguette and Carré-cut diamonds? Learn more here

And what else is rectilinear? Our custom SK packaging! As with always, please enjoy free domestic shipping on all orders.


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