How to Trick your way into Treats

Posted on October 24, 2017
H I N T  H I N T 


Tried and true methods for attaining SK jewelry this Halloween


The Nembus—a linked ring of opal and diamonds.


1.  Request a free pack of five postcards by emailing Leave one postcard under the family pumpkin, one in a bowl of your loved one's favorite candies, and one propped in a dark closet, only to be discovered when the lights are turned on

2. While making the playlist for your Halloween party, "accidentally" leave open a browser window showcasing your favorite SK piece

3. Insist on wearing green plastic 'Witch Fingers' until you receive a linked ring or two with which to replace them

4. Jack-o-lantern carving? Carve a design of linked rings into the pumpkin, and declare that it's an art history reference
5. For costume parties, dress as a sheet ghost so that only your arms are exposed, and mention how much better the costume would be if your hands were adorned with an SK piece (or a few...)


6. In the spirit of Halloween, go to see a fortune teller with your loved one. The person will have no idea that prior to the reading, you *may* have slipped the fortune teller a tip and a few words of advice concerning the objects that your heart desires



7. Employing silver face and body paint for your costume? Mention that our new Atria ring is an absolute necessity for your guise.



8. Taking part in a couples costume of two planets in the solar system? Suggest that an SK bracelet could serve as your planetary rings.



9. "Bat" your eyelashes frequently for the next week or so to ensure that you seem as charming and deserving of a Halloween gift as possible

10. Create a document that explains that in addition to garlic, new jewelry can protect people (and their loved ones) from vampires

11. Place all of your jewelry on the skeleton figurines that decorate your front lawn, and then mention the fact that you now temporarily don't have any to wear 

12. Modify the lyrics to the song "All I want for Christmas," record the track, and play it on repeat

13. Leave plastic eyeballs and Candy Corn around, messily, and remind your loved ones of the true fact that every Spinelli Kilcollin piece arrives wrapped in our custom constellation packaging, which—if we may say so—is beautiful enough to keep for other uses (and domestic shipping is always on us)

Don't forget, this may be the spookiest season, but it's also the Season of GivingBeginning now and running through the end of 2017, Spinelli Kilcollin is honored to be donating 20% of our online proceeds, divided evenly, to four charities that we especially admire at this time. 

View the treat bag here!

H A P P Y  H A L L O W E E N  F R O M  S P I N E L L I  K I L C O L L I N

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