Creative Fathers featuring Scott Baxter

Posted on June 15, 2018

In honor of Father's Day, we're showcasing fathers who not only shower their children with unconditional love, but teach them how to harness and express their inner creativity. Meet Scott Baxter, father of our very own SK team member, Lily. 
Scott is an award-winning photographer who lives in Carefree, Arizona. His work ranges from portraitures to images of Cowboy culture and the American Southwest. He has been featured in several publications including Cowboys & Indians, American Cowboy, and Western Horseman. He recently created a series of black and white images for the Arizona Centennial, titled '100 Years, 100 Ranchers,' which depicted some of Arizona's longest-running ranchers.
 We got to sit down with Scott to discuss his work and inspiration.
 All images shot by Scott Baxter, featuring Spinelli Kilcollin pieces.
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SK: Let's start with the basics, What is your sign and your favorite artist?
Scott: Virgo and Jay Farrar 
SK: How did you decide to become a photographer? 
Scott: Right out of college, I taught English and History at a boarding school in Connecticut. I had an old Nikon Camera, and one of my English students taught me how to process black and white film. That was my start down the path of photography.

SK: What are your favorite subjects to photograph?
Scott: One of my favorite people to photograph was the late writer and poet, Jim Harrison. I really enjoy the western culture, but I also enjoy just photographing people who have a story to tell. It's always about the story for me—the photograph is just the end result of the story.
SK: What is it like working with horses and other animals?
 I really enjoy horses. Working with them can be a very calming experience. I’ve spent a lot of time with cowboys, ranchers, and trainers learning about ways to work with and photograph horses. Cattle are a bit different—usually skittish. I always listen to the cowboys and/or ranchers [to] make sure that I'm not in the way, and not doing something stupid that would allow for a cowboy, myself, or livestock [to] be injured. Branding, shipping, and sorting situations can be unpredictable, so it's crucial to be paying attention to everything that's going on around you.

SK: Do you wear a "uniform" everyday? What does it consist of?
Scott: Yes, a uniform pretty much everyday—Ariat jeans and cowboy boots. When I'm on my feet all day or driving long distances to a shoot, I often wear my Blundstone boots. A white or black t-shirt, and if dressing up I add a white Cinch or a Wrangler dress shirt.

SK: Do you wear jewelry? If so, what does it represent to you?
Scott: Just my Spinelli Kilcollin silver chain, paired with a cross pendant. I appreciate anything that has meaning. The chain is special and the cross is from a trip to Montana. I normally have not worn rings, as I still do quite a bit of darkroom work with my hands. 
SK: What is your favorite part about living in Arizona?
Scott: I love being able to travel from the desert to the mountains within the same day. I also really love the monsoon storms during the summer. I love the smell after a summer rain in the desert, and the cloud formations, and the rolling thunder—they make the monsoons one of my favorite things. 

SK: Favorite thing about being a father? What has it taught you? 
The love of my daughters. I love getting to watch them both grow up to be amazing young women. Their ability to love me unconditionally means the world to me.

SK: What, to you, is the most important thing in life?
 My time and my daughters. 

To see more of Scott's work, visit his website here or stay connected on Instagram.
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