Behind the scenes: Meet the SK team!

Posted on June 30, 2016

We here at Spinelli Kilcollin, have linked together to form quite a stellar team. Gaze up into the night sky, or rather the SK Journal, to find out what makes the Spinelli Kilcollin galaxy shine so bright. Don't blink! You might miss the next star shooting through your inbox.

Daniela, our Design and Production Manager, is the one who realizes all of our dream pieces of jewelry. Creative, inquisitive, and genuine, she’s the one we all turn to when we need a spoonful of truth. She’s more than just a pretty face- using her brilliant brains and Rhino CAD to engineer the beauty of our ever expanding collections. She’s always wrapped up in diamonds and sapphires, crafting the perfect combination for a client’s custom ring or the latest SK style. We couldn’t shine without this star!

Where is home for you and what conjures the feeling of 'home'?
Home home is Ireland, I moved from Ireland to the US two years ago to attend the Gemological Institute of America. Following this I then joined the fabulous SK team to manage our design and production fields, and I couldn't be more 'at home' within the company. The feeling of home is definitely conjured by the smell of my Father's home cooking, I'm Irish-Italian and food is always a big part of our family! On another scent note, the smell of horses. I was an avid equestrian competitor in Ireland, and I do miss the vast green space and freedom, which is hard to re-create in the urban setting of LA; "In riding a horse, we borrow freedom."   

We all look forward to your fierce outfits on the daily. What’s inspiring you as you get dressed for the day?
"I want to empower women. I want people to be afraid of the women I dress." Alexander Mc Queen. Always pushing those boundaries between beauty, and savagery. Forever my icon. <3

Any good reads in your bag? What book are you diving into?
'Manson; The life and times of Charles Manson' by Jeff Guinn. A very intriguing read indeed. 

Humpday! The one song that makes you drop it low in the office on a Wednesday?
My mid week hump tune has to be anything by Ludacris, particularly the classic; 'Area Codes.' That pure musical genius always gets me.

And since we’re all addicted to the ‘gram- what are your Top 5 accounts we should  all be lining up to follow?
@mstr_of_disguise -AnnMarie Hong's style thoroughly inspiring and effortless all in one. Girl's got it.
@ihavethisthingwithfloors - You'd be surprised how much time you can spend awing at someone's feet.
@benoit_palle - Photographic skills on point.
@bigal_in_boston - Who doesn't love a potato-shaped pug. <3
@almakarinastudio - Jewelry photography in an art form

And of course- tell us your favorite Spinelli Kilcollin piece?
My favorite piece is definitely our 'Moon'. It's our most dramatic ring with 7 diamond bands, but although it has this 'wow' factor, it is still quiet, dark, and demure with it's own edge.

Maura, our Private Sales Director, is the one to call when it comes to custom. All of our SK rings are special, but Maura is the one who will help you design something that is so uniquely yours. Style savvy, perceptive, and always on point, she’s our go-to source for  bold and classic inspiration. Welcoming you to the Spinelli Kilcollin family with an ever present smile, Maura, full of grace, and giggles, will make your experience out of this world. Call her, beep her, if you want to reach her: no custom pinky ring is too small, no bangle too wide, no chain necklace too long that Maura can’t bring to life. This SK star will help you find your own shine!


How long have you been at Spinelli Kilcollin?
My husband and I moved from Seattle in January, and I started at SK later that month. I was working at Totokaelo when I first met Yves about four years ago, and we always hit it off when he was in town! 

It's lunch time, and you know we're getting delivery.  What is your go to lunch spot in DTLA?
If I have time, Sugarfish is my absolute favorite! The fish is so fresh and amazing and the ambience is perfect. If I need to be quick, Juicecrafter's is just what I need.  It's a few blocks from the office and nice to stretch my legs and get some fresh air.  I LOVE Grand Central Market, but it’s a trek from the office, so delivery it is.

We know you love the outdoors, but we work in DTLA.  Where do you go to get your nature fix?
Elysian park! So many trails to explore and great views. My dog loves running free and I get a nice workout!  When I was a kid, two sets of my grandparents lived in Palm Springs (one of my favorite places on earth) and we would always go on amazing hikes through the mountains.  I feel like I am always trying to recreate this in the city!

Beach day: what’s in your picnic basket?
Cured meat, anything pickled, delicious cheese and rice crackers. If a bottle of wine was thrown in, I wouldn’t complain.  I also have a soft spot for Corona on the beach.  Reminds me of the time my husband and I took a spontaneous vacation to Mexico.  Our entire trip consisted of Corona and shrimp tacos on the beach.  Heaven!

Last call, where are you heading after this?
We live in Koreatown and are surrounded by late night K-BBQ. Always our first choice and we go WAY too often!  If I'm feeling sassy, K-town has some really cool/strange after hour karaoke spots.  We always end our night coming home to our black lab puppy!  Well, he's almost 1 but I still baby him!

Favorite Spinelli Kilcollin piece?
The Libra SP! It's beautiful and strong, with the perfect mix of metals. I love white diamonds on a silver band. It makes them pop!

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