Behind the Scenes of emrata X SK

Posted on June 05, 2018
This collaboration is particularly special to us as Emily has been a dear friend of ours for years. We adored working together to design pieces that infuse both of our aesthetic sensibilities. The emrata x SK collection evokes a sense of pure romanticismWe hope that you love the pieces as much as we loved connecting with such a close friend to create something beautiful. Here, a glimpse behind the scenes. You can shop this exclusive collection here or from our friends at Barney's.



Did You Know?

The collection embodies empowerment and grace, so we named each piece to reflect designs and those who wear them.


Adara: A word of Greek origin, translates to "one who is beautiful"

The dual-set diamond ring is a diverting and contemporary take on the more classic, standard diamond rings that are typically purchased for women. We know that the modern woman—our client—can buy jewelry for herself if she'd like, and can do so exuding unwavering confidence and poise. 


LadaFrom Slavic mythology, is the Goddess of beauty and fertility

Design-wise, we introduced an entirely new setting-style to our oeuvre. These earrings implement the burnished setting style, so the conflict-free diamonds are scattered into the 18k gold and silver, rather than placed into rows of pavé. Meanwhile, the geometric fluidity allows graceful movement staying true to our core aesthetic.


Ayla: A word of Turkish origin, translates to "halo of light around the moon"

This conflict-free diamond pendant necklace reflects just that. It is a true expression of mystery that evokes curiosity and adventure. We also have it in Noir featuring a halo of black diamonds that symbolizes the darker lunar mysteries of the Universe. 


VestaFrom Roman mythology, is the Goddess of the hearth, home, family and domestic life

If you already love stacking our rings, this piece will take that obsession to an entirely new level. We designed this adjustable chain necklace with layering in mind. As Emily told Vogue, “I’m a huge gold and diamond person. I’ll wear a diamond necklace with sweats or with a swimsuit on the beach... To me, jewelry is all about having fun and feeling pretty.”  

Photos of Emily, Dwyer & Yves: Has Alexandra
Images of Jewelry: To The Planetarium


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