It's Stay-In Season: Five Luxurious Nighttime Rituals to Center your Mind and your Family

Posted on December 04, 2017

C O Z Y  L U X U R Y

It's the winter season—a time at which even the most extroverted "nightlife people" may find themselves wanting to cancel their plans (or turn off their phones...), slip into something selected for its comfort-level and not for its looks, and enjoy an evening (or many) in. Sound like you and everyone that you know? Us too. Here, five relaxing, warming, and calming rituals to perform during the evenings that will allow for you and those who you love to have perfect, chic evenings in.

1. Invest in the best when it comes to your stay-in-wear: fur (or faux fur) lined slippers, a pajama set of silk or flannel, a super-soft and beautiful robe or kimono (like this one by Cinque World), a silk eye mask, cashmere socks, the whole nine yards. You'll love yourself even more every time you come home from a long day and slip into these necessities, and those around you will most certainly prefer the look to the ol' sweatpants and oversized-hand-me-down shirt.

2. Take a bath. Perhaps you already do this, but perhaps you haven't been in a bathtub in decades. The rumors are true: baths are incredibly relaxing and calming, mentally and physically. Pour in some Epsom or scented bath salts (lavender is known for its soothing properties), pour a good glass of wine (or whatever your drink is), put on music that you like or perhaps a TV show that you're behind on, and lie down! You will likely fall asleep while in the bath and, if not, shouldn't have trouble falling asleep immediately after.

3. Do as you would when out. Open your best bottles of wine, use actual, fabric napkins, cook (or order the takeout versions of) your favorite, perhaps complicated-to-prepare foods. That miso cod and oyster dinner will taste even better while you're dressed in your stay-in uniform.

4. Don't look at screens (some nights): staying in can be a bit of a slippery slope—it can be tempting to open your MacBook to shop online or catch up on emails, watch a movie, or find yourself scrolling, endlessly, through Instagram. None of these activities are innately bad, but we can likely all agree that too much of any of them most certainly is. Ok, so the screens are off and staying off for a night. What to do? Call someone that you love or laugh with the person or people next to you (who you hopefully also love), do a project involving things like glitter glue, put on your favorite record and have a dance party, learn how to make the at-home version of your favorite cocktail(s), re-organize your jewelry and / or closet (note: this can actually be fun. Note II: check back soon for a jewelry care how-to on our journal)

5. Light a fire. Most of us seem to save this ritual for special occasions, but life is a special occasion of special occasions. Don't have a fireplace? Light a candle or many—we just so happen to recommend our Avarice candles, the first scent by SK. The notes of fig and mineral are season-less and timeless, warming, and beautiful. Order yours here, and don't forget that it's the most covetable gifts of stay-in season!

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